Drafting, filing and prosecuting of patent applications

We draft the patent application in close collaboration with the customer. We recognize the objectives of the patenting strategy of the customer and the relation of the invention in question to the business of the customer as a whole.

We draft the application taking into consideration the prior art so that the technical solution to be protected will obtain the most extensive and relevant scope of protection.

Patent protection is applied for in all the countries the customer wishes. Based on the customer's instructions, Genip Oy takes care of prosecuting Finnish, European and international (PCT) applications communicating directly with the Patent Offices. As for the other countries and Patent Offices, we use qualified local Patent Attorneys.

Genip Oy provides services also in opposition cases. We can act as the representative directly before the Finnish Patent Office and the European Patent Office. In other countries, we use experienced local Patent Attorneys.

Novelty searches of inventions

Managing your patent portfolio

Revoking harmful patents

Preparing analyses related to patent infringements

Monitoring new patent publications

Freedom to practice studies of technical solutions

Preparing patent analyses on specific fields of technology