September 27, 2023: Genip Oy supports the organization of IP Summit Helsinki 4-5 October 2023

Genip Oy supports the organization of IP Summit Helsinki 4-5 October 2023. We are participating on both days.

April 3, 2023: Finland Office for Patents and Registrations has certified Genip Oy as IP Scan service provider

Finnish Office for Patents and Registrations has authorized Mr Jaakko Väisänen to provide IP Scan services for Finland-based enterprises. This is a professional service directed to SME:s, in which the intellectual property situation of the SME is analyzed for ca. 1,5 days. The purpose is to give information to enterprise about possible measures to develop their intellectual property situation, taking into account the strategy and operation capability of the enterprise. The SME Fund, run by EU, helps using the service by giving financial support. The price of the analysis service is 1500 EUR (+alv), for which SME Fund issues 1350 EUR vouchers (if the enterprise meets the requirements). For more information about the IP San service, please see the Finnish Office for Patents and Registrations (in Finnish). We assist in requesting these vouchers as well as trade mark vouchers.

March 31, 2023 European Patent Office certifies our staff

European Patent Office organized in autumn 2022 for the first time a certification examination for patent administrators. The purpose of the certification is to certify that the persons passed the examination have the required knowledge and skills to deal independently and autonomously with the procedures associated with the filing, prosecution, grant and maintenance of European and international patent applications before the EPO, as well as post-grant procedures.

January 16, 2023 Cost of patenting in European Union will be cut dows; Unified Patent Court takes up its action

Seventeen member states of the European Union are beginning to acknowledge unitary patent protection. It will become possible to have patents issued by the European Patent Office under unitary protection by requesting this from the European Patent Office within one month from date of grant of the patent. The system will commence according to the current standing on June 1, 2023.

January 12, 2023 Market Court decision MAO:41/2022 in patent opposition proceedings

Genip Oy represented the appellant in the patent opposition appeal case, after the Finland Patent Office had rejected an opposition. The Market Court overturned the Finland Patent Office decision. The Market Court referred to the established case law of the boards of appeal of the European patent office and concluded that it has to be assumed that the skilled person can choose between two equal alternatives, and that such a choosing is obvious for the skilled person. The Finland Patent Office presented to the Market Court that this would not be obvious for the skilled person.

January 09, 2023 Client of Genip Oy wins in trademark opposition proceedings

Our foreign client opposed a Finnish trademark of a foreign company. Genip Oy represented the opponent before the Finland Trademark Office, drafted the notice of opposition and filed the notice of opposition in December 2021. The foreign company requested removal of their trademark from the register and the Finland Trademark Office removed the trademark in January 2023.

November 28, 2022 Decision T2587/19-3.2.07 of Technical appeal board of the European patent office

The technical board of appeal decided the opposition appeal case against the appellant. The board did not admit to the proceedings material presented by the appellant to be relevant submitted for the first time in the appeal proceedings, finding that the material should have been submitted already in the opposition proceedings. Genip Oy represented the opponent that was the appellant in the appeal proceedings.

October 17, 2022: Genip Oy puts efforts to improve its trademark services

Ms Andrea Galliano has finished a curriculum to become trademark and design specialist (Marken- und Designreferent/-in IP for IP). Mr Jaakko Väisänen has finished advanced studies organized by European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for trademark attorneys (EUIPO Trade Mark and Design Education Programme, ETMD EP).

October 10, 2022: SME fund offers financial support until December 16, 2022

“Ideas Powered for business SME fund” is a EU support program, from which small and medium sized enterprises operating in the EU can receive financial support for official fees relating to trademark registrations, industrial design registrations, and patent applications.

Decision of 29.06.2022 by an opposition division of the European patent office

Genip Oy represented the proprietor of European patent EP3438535 in opposition proceedings before the European patent office.

Decision (T1454/17) of the technical appeal board of the European Patent Office 29.03.2022

Genip Oy represented the proprietor/respondent in the opposition appeal proceedings before a technical appeal board of the European patent office.
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