Patent oppositions in Finland and before the EPO

Problem with a competitor patent in Finland? Or did the competitor oppose your patent in Finland?

We can assist in searching for opposition material and evaluate prospects for success of a notice of opposition. We draft notices of opposition and represent clients directly before the national board of registrations (PRH) which is the national patent office in Finland, and the market court, which is the appeal court for patent oppositions. We also represent clients directly before the European Patent Office and its appeal boards, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Prosecution of patent applications in Finland, before the EPO and WIPO

Our patent attorneys have extensive experience in drafting patent applications. We represent our clients directly before the national board of registrations (PRH) which is the Finnish patent office, and also before the European patent office and WIPO international bureau. As for the other countries, we are operating with local IP attorneys.

Based in Finland, we operate fluently in Finnish, English and German.

Validation of European patents in Finland

We can take care of validating your European patents in Finland. We use specialized patent translators to translate the claims to Finnish. Our seasoned patent attorneys will check the English-Finnish or German-Finnish translations prior to filing of the validation request.

Trademark cancellation in Finland or in EU

We can represent our clients directly before the national board of registrations (PRH) which is the national trademark office in Finland. If a competitor’s trademark has not been used in last five years, it can be cancelled in administrative proceedings upon request. Should a decision from the second instance be necessary, we can represent our clients also before the market court in Finland.

We also represent clients in trademark cancellation proceedings and trademark invalidation proceedings directly before the EUIPO.

International Trademark, Provisional refusals from Finland or from EUIPO

Our trademark attorney can analyze the provisional refusal and assist you in case your International registration is refused in Finland. We represent clients directly before the national board of registrations (PRH) and market court, should the first instance decision be appealed.

As local specialists, we can assist you in negotiating and drafting trademark co-existence agreements with trademark owners in Finland.

Conversion of European trademark applications to Finnish trademark applications

We can represent clients before the national office of Finland. Should EUIPO refuse your EUTM application, we can convert it to a national trademark application in Finland.

Freedom to operate in Finland?

Our attorneys can advice regarding the freedom-to-operate on your technical solution in Finland. We analyze the scope of patent claims and do opinion work in Finland. Our attorneys have been summoned as witnesses in patent disputes in Finland. We can also check your freeedom to practice under a given trade mark in Finland. For patent disputes abroad, if there is a document available only in the Finnish language, our attorneys can provide opinion on its technical content or contribution.

IPR due diligence work

Our attorneys have experience of more than 60 IPR due diligence projects. Whether you are selling or buying, we can participate in data room work for patents, trade marks, industrial designs and know-how, including analysis of licensing situation, ongoing disputes and litigation matters. We can participate in Questions & Answers sessions, as well as in the contract negotiation and drafting work. We can fluently operate in Finland in Finnish and in Germany in German, and elsewhere in English.

Industrial patent department performance analysis and outfarming

An internal patent department is an excellent choice if there is a constant workload. Otherwise, it may generate excessive overhead, given that deputies are needed to ensure business continuity. All of our attorneys have worked for 10+ years in industry patent departments on Multi National Companies. We can analyze how it would be most economical to arrange the patent, trademark and industrial design prosecution and management.

If you are planning to outfarm the Intellectual Property function, we can assist in finding a suitable IP law firm for your needs. And if you are buying a business in Finland, we as local experts in the field of Intellectual Property Rights can smoothen the track.

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